TD10 Diverting (PN16/PN40)


The OMC TD10 Series is a three-way style control valve for applications requiring diverting flow in a process control system.  The open flow paths and simple construction provide a reliable and easy–to-maintain valve solution. TD10 series could be manufactured with pneumatic or electric actuators to meet all specific requirements of fluid control (water, steam, thermal oil, gas and other liquids) whether compatible with the material used.

Actuator can be:

• Pneumatic control or ON-OFF type

• Piston type (control signal 6-10 Bar);

• Electric type;

Boby: Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Alloy Carbon Steel, Austenitic Stainless Steel, Duplex, Superduplex ...

Size: from DN15 to DN200 - from PN 16 to PN 40

Version according to Directive 2014/34/UE "ATEX" are available

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